Life Stories with the Sea Witch

Post Traumatic Growth

The American Psychological Association describes Post Traumatic Growth as an ability to make meaning out of something senseless – an ability to find positive change or a new appreciation for life. Those who experience this find a sense of personal strength and are able to focus on helping others. Richard Tedeschi, PhD and Lawrence Calhoun, […]

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Spring During the Apocolypse

Spring Equinox: In like a fish, out like a ram. ✨Recently, I posted about the Death card in tarot and how it signifies an ending, not necessarily a death. At the time of writing I didn’t realize what kind of ending we were about to witness. My intuition said the card signified the end of […]

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It’s a Moon Day during the Apocalypse – time for a mental health check in.

Social Distancing. Isolation. Self-Quarantine. It’s all feeling pretty scary out there these days. Coronavirus (COVID-19) has taken over our thoughts and our prayers – and hopefully our scientifically guided actions, too. Here’s how I’m feeling: My face decided it’s time to look like I’m sixteen again. I can’t stop eating EVERYTHING. I had a sob […]

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Oh, hello death card.

The death card is probably the most recognized, but also the most understood card in tarot.✨For me, in this moment, the death card is a relief: the end of something I’ve been trying to make an end to. The end of a time of darkness.✨In the Fool’s Journey, after death comes temperance – balance.✨Looking forward […]

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