Life Stories with the Sea Witch

My own Christmas Miracle

As usual, it’s been a while since I shared much here. Life can be rather distracting sometimes, right? Never mind that we’re in the midst of a pandemic and my entire life has turned upside down and sideways (in good ways, mostly). This week the most amazing thing happened to me. I was so overcome […]

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Summah 2020

A few people reached out so I wanted to respond publicly: I was hospitalized for two weeks in May for a mental health/substance abuse issue. I transferred to residential program until this past Saturday. Friday night I had a stomach ache and was awake all night coughing. Saturday morning I didn’t feel any better. I […]

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✨The Artist’s Way✨

Been working part time during quarantine. Almost every day off I have taken a walk to Broad Street Cemetery. I wander around, I think, I read, or I journal. Today, I’m sitting under a huge, old tree working through The Artists Way and enjoying the sunshine. I am grateful (and hopeful) for some normalcy to […]

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Potions with Baby Girl

Baby Girl and I played “evil witches” and made a “potion” together for potions class. It exploded – of course – and we had to add extra blue food coloring to disguise it from the muggles. I think we are quarantining jussssst fine, thank you very much. (It was just baking soda and vinegar! Don’t […]

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Just a fish in a bowl… 🐠

My organized energy – blocked. ✨ My enthusiasm – blocked. ✨ My inspiration – blocked. ✨ So much blocked energy. I’ve spoken with my therapist about feeling stagnant, stuck. It’s been hard to get creative. I’m either stuck at work or stuck at home, or behind a mask at the grocery store. ✨ The masks. […]

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