My own Christmas Miracle

Pardon my summer supplies still outside – you all know I’m a summer/fall kinda lady. Here’s our Christmas lights and Baby Girl’s 4 foot unicorn.

As usual, it’s been a while since I shared much here. Life can be rather distracting sometimes, right? Never mind that we’re in the midst of a pandemic and my entire life has turned upside down and sideways (in good ways, mostly).

This week the most amazing thing happened to me. I was so overcome with emotion I cried. I sobbed and ugly cried – it took a lot out of me to be so overcome by a stranger’s kindness.

Baby Girl spent Thanksgiving with her Dada, then spent the beginning of this week with me to have a Christmas planning extravaganza. We made a four-layer cake, a cookies and cream cheesecake, set up our Christmas tree and outside Christmas lights, and had a 4 ft Christmas hat wearing inflatable unicorn set up in our living room.

We also went grocery shopping. And in my usual, disassociated/disorganized way, I didn’t confirm that a check had settled in my account before we went. Have I mentioned I am a Pisces sun and have the attention span of a fish?

We used the self-checkout because what 7 year old doesn’t like to scan their own groceries? As we checked out, my debit card only approved for a portion of the total.

I began to sweat and panic. Baby Girl kind of understood what was happening and asked if we could still buy the Christmas cake supplies she’d picked out for her four-layer, Christmas gift shaped cake.

A woman standing at the the self-check out next to me asked if we were having card problems. I said yes, thinking maybe it was a system issue and not my own faults causing this stress. She said, “Here. Merry Christmas.” … and proceeded to hand me more than enough cash to cover the cost of our groceries.

Shocked, I thanked her and used it to pay for our groceries. I tried to hand her the change, but she told me to get myself a coffee.

In this moment, I felt nothing but gratitude. I’m a self-sufficient woman – I pride myself on hardly ever asking or help (I’m also Aries rising… I can’t help myself!). But I didn’t pause for a second to accept help from this woman who saw me clearly in trouble. She saved my Christmas Extravaganza with my Baby Girl, and I hope she made herself feel happy for a moment, and again when she told her family or friends about her good deed.

Baby Girl and I paid it forward by sharing a giant piece of her four-layer cake with a neighbor. And we hope to pay it forward again, once my fish brain gets better control of my finances.

This holiday season – whatever holidays you celebrate ( I celebrate Pagan and Christian) – pay attention to those around you in need. It’s been a hell of a year for so, so many, and small acts of kindness can make a huge difference in someone’s day.

If you aren’t sure to how to help, and aren’t one inclined to help a stranger, I’m including a list of nonprofits who could use your support. If you’d like to support Baby Girl’s Christmas, I’ve also included my Venmo. Please know she has a lot of family who loves her greatly and will be as spoiled as ever this year, so no pressure.

Nonprofits to support:

My Venmo for Baby Girl’s Christmas: @seawitchrecovers

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