Just a fish in a bowl… 🐠

My organized energy – blocked.

My enthusiasm – blocked.

My inspiration – blocked.

So much blocked energy. I’ve spoken with my therapist about feeling stagnant, stuck. It’s been hard to get creative. I’m either stuck at work or stuck at home, or behind a mask at the grocery store.

The masks. Masks are so important right now – we have to protect ourselves and others. But I hate them. I hate when people don’t wear them (or wear them but don’t cover their nose which completely defeats the purpose). I hate not being able to see people’s faces, not knowing for sure if they are smiling. I hate wearing masks. They are hot and cover my facial expressions. They make my work difficult because I spend a lot of the day on the phone and, well, have you ever tried to have a difficult conversation with someone about their sick pet while wearing a mask – it’s not easy. The masks are blocking our connective energy, our throat chakras.

The virtual meetings. These meetings are a life-line for so many right now. Children can connect to their teachers and friends. Adults are able to work from home, keeping themselves engaged and businesses open. People in recovery from alcohol and drugs can stay connected so they are less likely to relapse. But these meetings aren’t a perfect replacement for actual the spirit of connection that existed in the “before”. Our connective energy is there, but doesn’t feed our need for interaction.

The social distancing. Six feet apart. We have to stand the length of two golden retrievers apart from each other, an entire couch, or a kitchen door. That’s pretty far away. I’m not much of a hugger – I have a protective, golden energy “bubble” I surround myself with – But I love a good hug at the right time. I always offer hugs to clients at work who are saying goodbye to their pet for the last time, or who just got horrific news. I hug my colleagues when one of us is having a day from hell. I hug my friends when they get promotions at work, or have other exciting news. But now, I can’t hug any of them. We “send” hugs from our six foot distance (which, to be honest is almost impossible to ensure most of the time at work), but that “distance” hug doesn’t do the same for our heart chakras as a real hug. You know the kind, the one that causes you to slowly take a deep breath because it is just.what.you.needed in that moment? Yah, I miss that.

No wonder I can’t stop pulling reversed cards. Are you feeling stuck, too? What ways are you in-blocking your energy? Any advice for your Piscean friend who wishes she could swim in the ocean, but is stuck in this annoying fish bowl?

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