My Strangely Shaped Nose…

I took about fifty of this same shot yesterday trying to show off my amazing owl necklaces from my Etsy shop. I decided not to post any because – Do you see my freckles? The sun spots? My strangely shaped nose? …

67726879_2368580376795598_5837892034609807360_nToday I started thinking about redoing the shoot. Better make up, different lighting, filters over filters.

But that’s not me. THIS is me. Freckles from so many gorgeous afternoons playing with Baby Girl inour gardens. Sun spots from so many long, amazing beach days with my friends in my 20s. The weird bend in my nose from a trip to Montreal for spring break that led to so, so much dancing and a clumsy friend who accidentally smashed me in the face with his uncoordinated arm.

None of us are perfect. But we can perfectly be ourselves and accept that.

Tag me in your selfies. Anyone who does will be entered to win one of these amazing Minerva necklaces and I’ll donate to @hawcnorthshore in the winner’s name.

Links in the biofor anyone who wants to pick up one of these bbs.

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