Along came a spider

This afternoon, after I took Poe for her after work jaunt up the street, upon stepping up onto my deck I noticed the most giantest spider I have ever seen in my whole life.

She was crawling around on the most intricate spider web I’ve ever encountered, all the while carrying some bug under her giant belly.  Because she was so giant, I posted Mrs. Spidey Liedy (as the Four-nado named her) to Instagram to be sure she wasn’t some kind of killer monster, and discovered she’s an Orb Weaver, apparently a sign of protection.

I love spiders. I am the person in the room who will pick up a spider on a napkin and bring her outside instead of squish her. I love that spiders get rid of mosquitos and flies without poison (sorry little bugs, Mrs. Liedy has to eat!). I love their beautiful webs shining in the morning dew. I love that they are bugs but actually not bugs because they do, in fact, have 8 legs and are related to lobsters more than flies. I love that 8 is the number of infinity and all things good in the universe.

Spiders are wicked awesome.

So, once I was certain our new friend wasn’t a poisonous beast who would accidentally attack my child or Poe, I sat down to think about this random moment when a giant spider decided to set up base on my deck. Orb weavers are known for being around during the fall – they’re sometimes called Halloween or Samhain spiders – and like to set up their lovely webs (which they apparently eat daily?) in quiet, undisturbed places. So it’s totally normal for a spider to set up shop on my deck – all the better to keep the flies out of my kitchen!

That said, I love a good coincidence, so I texted some friends who have experience with  spirit animals, and they sent me information about spider spirit animals. Suddenly, it all made sense.

Spiders are creators of prosperity. They are ingenious creators. They weave intricate webs that support themselves and those around them. They remind us that creativity is everywhere and that our work can “weave” magical, priceless tapestries.

I can’t help but love this analogy. The best gift in the whole world is the ability to find happiness through love of your village. Your friends, your family, your distant relatives; your abilities to hold each other up. Your ability to show each other love. Nothing better.

So, welcome Mrs. Spidey Liedy. Thank you for the reminder of all that is good in the world – our friends, family, and connections.

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